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Domestic Air Conditioning

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Domestic Air Conditioning

in Broome

Domestic Air Conditioning

in Broome

When it comes to air conditioners we do it all. We provide split system cleaning, repairs, spare parts, installations, and can work on a residential or commercial scale with all kinds of makes and models.

Cleaning and Servicing

To keep your split system or ceiling cassette air conditioning unit running at its most efficient and most quiet, we recommend a regular 12 month cleaning schedule. Not only will it pay off in reduced power consumption, regular maintenance will help you avoid costly repairs in the future.
After an AJ’s -Clean, your air-conditioner will run more efficiently, deliver improved air quality, be whisper quiet and save you money with reduced power consumption.

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Our AJ’s Air Con Cleaning experts start by undertaking a visual inspection of you air conditioning unit, assessing its overall condition against. We disassemble the aircon unit, exposing the filter, fins, fan, vents and coil then check the unit for leaking inside or any components that my need service or replacing.

The fins of the air conditioner are cleaned using a deep-cleaning foam designed for the toughest of jobs. The chemicals we use are non-toxic and approved 100% non-harmful to ensure your family is safe.


The air con coil is stripped of corrosion, grease and dirt, then santisied with an anti-bacterial agent which prevents the growth of fungi, mould and other contaminants found in air conditioning.

Our AJ’s-Clean gets into all the nooks and crannies of your air conditioning unit including those hard to reach places you can’t be accessed with normal cleaning methods. This improves your air conditioners efficiency, decreases air conditioner noise levels making it quiet and prevents it from freezing up.

The air con filter is carefully removed and cleaned to remove surface dirt. It is then thoroughly washed using an industrial strength cleaner to remove contaminants.


Once we’ve finished cleaning your air conditioning unit we reassemble it and then test its operating back to normal cooling. We’ll even change the batteries in the remote control if needed and check airflow speed and temperature difference as part of the service.

Single Split Air Conditioning Systems

A great solution for creating the perfect climate in a small space such as a bedroom, office or living room is a single split air conditioning system.

Installation of a split system doesn’t require ducting & the units are connected by small pipes and cables, so very little modification to your home or workplace is required.

Single split systems are a low cost option for a sophisticated air conditioning system, perfect for individual rooms in the home.

Multi Split Air Conditioning Systems

Cool multiple rooms using only one outdoor unit connected to up to five indoor units, reducing the outdoor space required and simplifying the installation. It’s the perfect solution if your home or workplace is restricted for space & a ducted system isn’t suitable.
Some advantages of a multi split system include:

  • No need for expensive ductwork
  • Each zone can be individually controlled for temperature
  • Indoor units can be of different specifications and styles to suit each space
  • Up to five indoor units can be connected to a single outdoor unit
  • An energy efficient solution


Services In Broome

Whether your fridge or freezer is acting up, be it in your home, your entertainment area, or your recreational vehicle, our team can help. Repairs, installations, and maintenance checks are available for a wide range of makes & models.

At Home

We repair and service all domestic refrigerators fridges and freezers. No job is too small. Call us today! For a set call out fee we can come to you, diagnose the fault and offer a no obligations quote.


Replace door seals


Electrical faults

Freezer not defrosting

Freezer icing up

Thermostat issues

Water leaks

Servicing all types of domestic refrigeration. All our work is fully guaranteed.

On The Go

Complete service for your camping fridges, RV, Caravan and Motorhome refrigeration services specialising in those that go into remote power locations. Being in the Kimberley, we know what to expect when it comes to keeping you cool.

Fully licensed to install and repair all refrigeration products, we provide comprehensive service of what we sell with first-hand experience in the refrigeration business. Our fridge services include repairs to gas refrigeration products and portable camping fridges as well as service for all types of low-voltage refrigerators.


We pride ourselves at being Specialists in lifestyle refrigeration, from eskies to 3 Way and 12 Volt Fridges or Solutions to your Battery Problems we have an answer for you. We also stock a small range of IceKool Iceboxes and portable fridges. Possibly even hire you a spare fridge for a few weeks if you are lucky enough to catch a few fish.

Portable Fridge Repairs

Warranty Service and Repair Specialists – For Help Call Now: (08) 9192 6223
We service and repair all brands!
Warranty Agents and Authorised dealer for Thetford, Air Command, Dometic and Evakool

We offer both a mobile service (minimum call out fee of $100); fantastic for those that may have already set up your home away from home and a workshop facility, which allows for the repair of these refrigerators onsite. When calling for service, it is imperative that we know the make and model of the refrigerator/air conditioner at fault and/or if it is under Warranty (Please have your proof of purchase handy).

Affordable installation and repairs for all of your cooling needs.